Adopting A Winning Strategy For 4d Online Games

Toto 4d Malaysia is a game which is both interesting and intriguing since it deals primarily with 4 digit numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. With draws taking place during late evening on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays every week, there is a lot to look forward to where this game is concerned.

23 number sets are drawn with in each draw thereby increasing the winning chances of an individual. The probability of the number bought increases when both Big and Small bets are placed against the same number. If the number bought happens to be one of the top 3 draws, then the winning amount gets multiplied if Small bets were placed against it. Alternatively, Small bets are only valid for the categories that they are placed in while Big bets enable people to win irrespective of the category to which the bought number belongs. Thus buying the 4d number requires quite some amount of deliberation and declaration of the 4d result Malaysia generates a lot of interest and speculation.

Betting on 4d games is also quite affordable since the minimum bet that can be placed is $1 and there is no upper limit or maximum bet that can be placed. The prize money for a bet of $1 currently ranges from a first prize of $3000 to a consolation prize of $60.

Figuring out a probable winning number combination can be quite difficult. One of the ways to figure it would be to use the STRAP analysis which helps to filter down the choices. This analysis involves:

  • The (S)um Analysis,
  • The (TR)iple Analysis and
  • The (P)air analysis

It would also be beneficial if one is able to access records of previous winning combinations for an indication of potential winning combinations of 4 digits. Choices can be further narrowed down using the frequency of occurrence and omission analysis and then a combination chosen.

Despite all of the above, winning at 4d Malaysia is based more on destiny, chance and luck rather than on skills. Thus even though there are no clear strategies for winning, this game still manages to hold the attention of many across the world.

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